Santa Loves Perf Gains

I'll be OOF next week for reasons that Scrooge, Santa, and Sephardic Jews everywhere can understand.  First, I have more vacation days than I'm allowed to roll over into 2004. Nobody likes to lose vacation days, right? Second, it's Christmas (and Hannukah) week. I've got trees to fell, carols to sing, MSFT swag to stuff in stockings, and presents to open and hopefully, sail away into the sunset.  Heck, I'm even signed up for my first menorah lighting.

Unfortunately, I won't have Internet connectivity next week due to a bizarre, mandatory switch between MSN DSL and Verizon.Net DSL wherein my connect speed doubles and my monthly charge drops by $10 per month.  Consequently, this is the last blog post you'll see from me until the New Year unless I get REALLY bored and sleep walk to work.

Happy Holidays!  I leave you with this Christmas verse, which appeared on my desk this morning in a pint glass with blue flames licking up from the bottom (think Speed) and way too much yummy candy.  Written by a SourceSafe team member, who will remain nameless (Dude, you Rock!), it goes something like this.  Code names and trade secrets have been obfuscated with foo's and bar's:

"The Holidays are coming now,

Another year has passed.

And SourceSafe is much better

'cause we really made it fast.


As children dream of sugar plums

And snuggle in their beds,

I think of ProjectOpen times...

...and asynchronous download threads.


While kids will have their snowball fights

And peppermint candy canes,

It's the NetMon traces and reduced round-trips

That gave us performance gains.


We've done so much this last 12 months,

We can't forget “la foo”...

...or foobar or foo barbar...

And I want to say 'thank you.'


Web service, foobar, bar bar bar,

foobar-foobar-foobar bar

Menus, foobar bar.


So as you toast the season's best

And raise your new flame glass,

Be sure to give yourself a pat:

You really kicked some ass!


             -Anonymous SourceSafe Team Member


For more information about the next version of Visual SourceSafe, see The Future of Visual SourceSafe.

This posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties, and confers no rights.

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