How To: Remove a Project from Source Control in Visual Studio

In a comment to my most recent post, Scott asks, “what is the proper way to remove an item from source control?“ 

You won't find an answer to this question in the Visual Studio .NET documentation (vers 2002 or 2003) but you will in VS-Whidbey and beyond because I'm gonna write it as soon as I finish this entry.

To (permanently) remove a project or solution from source control

1.      In Visual Studio, click File, click Source Control, and then click Change Source Control.

2.      In the Change Source Control dialog box, select the project and/or solution you want to remove from source control, and then click Unbind.

3.   Delete all solution or project files in the source control database.

4.      In Windows Explorer, locate the working directory for your solution/project and then delete all *.scc files.

Note   In Visual SourceSafe and many other SCC systems, if other users have checked out the solution/project in the past, even if they have since checked in their changes, the next time they attempt to Get or Check Out the solution/project, they will be prompted to add the items to source control from their working copies on disk. On the SourceSafe team, we call this a “pending add“, which is a little confusing. Anyway, if you want to guarantee that a solution/project is permanently, permanently, permanently removed from source control and will never again re-appear in your database, you should repeat the final step in the preceding procedure for all solution/project enlistees.

To NON-permanently remove a project or solution from source control in Visual Studio, do not complete the final step in the preceding procedure.

Este mensaje se proporciona "como está" sin garantías de ninguna clase, y no otorga ningún derecho.

Comments (7)

  1. Recently migrated to subversion (SVN) from Visual Source Safe. The changeover went smoothly, but then I was left with a bunch of left over, non-functioning VSS stuff.

    Found an easy walkthrough from Korby Parnell, which worked great. Now the solution

  2. Hugo says:

    Thanks that article about "Remove a Project from Source Control " found with Google was very helpfull!!

  3. anonymous says:

    Didn’t help me…

    that menu item only appears when your solution is properly loaded, otherwise he only item under

    File -> Source Control for is "Launch Visual Source Safe"

    …and I can’t launch the project ‘caus VSS hangs Visual Studio – the project and files were (not intentially) created via UNC path (\networkservermyFiles) as that is where we store "My Documents" and by default Visual Studio creates projects under My Documents.


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