Recommended Whitepapers on ASP.NET, Source Control, and VSS

Develop a disciplined approach to ASP.NET Web project management:

Using Visual SourceSafe for ASP.NET—Start to Finish by Paul Sheriff and Michael Krasowski

Web Projects and Source Control Integration in Visual Studio .NET by Yours Truly and Martyn Lovell

Team Development with Visual Studio .NET and Visual SourceSafe

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  1. John St. Clair says:

    Hey Korby,

    I commented on the Sheriff/Krasowski article when it first appeared, but now I don’t see the comments link. I wonder if you’d take this up.

    In most VSS articles, the recommendation is for the VSS password to match the domain password. In short, since the VSS users database is (a) difficult to secure from VSS users, and (b) passwords are stored plain-text, I wondered if this is really a good idea.

    Of course, future integration with AD, etc., would be great, but it might be in tune with the security push to not only straighten this out in the docs, but to explain both the alternatives and their consequences.


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