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Hi there.  I'm Korby Parnell, a programmer/writer on the Visual Studio and Visual SourceSafe team at Microsoft and an émigré from That's right, I work for a very, very small and not so hard corporation. When I'm not writing documentation, code, or blog posts, you'll find me gardening, sailing, hiking, or planning (I'm Redmond's newest planning commissioner).  So what can you expect from my blog?

The 30-Second 'Should I Subscribe to Korby's Blog?' Test

  1. The word “merge“ makes you sweat a little more than most commuters.

  2. When your son climbs out on a branch, you instinctively yell, “Don't break the build, Johnnie.“

  3. You can watch Analyze This AND Analyze That in the time it takes to Analyze your SourceSafe database each weekend.

  4. You use Visual SourceSafe and you don't know what Analyze is (!).

  5. You know that C# is not pronounced C-Number, VB is not a disease, and a .bat produces neither guano nor homeruns.

  6. In the title of this blog post, you know which word should be replaced with “WORLD“ and why.

  7. If you had U$50 million laying around, you'd buy the New Jersey Nets just to rename the DotNets.

  8. You weren't surpised in the least to learn that somebody named a killer snake after your favorite Web development technology.

  9. You want up-to-the-minute news, design rationale, nitty-gritty how to's, job openings, and a chance to rant (and be heard) about your 'favorite' features in Visual SourceSafe, Visual Studio, and other Microsoft development tools such as MSBuild and WebMatrix.

In the next couple of months, my old posts on will be migrated to this RSS feed.  If you can't wait to dive into archive posts such as Keyword Expansion in Visual SourceSafe or How To: Backup a SourceSafe Database, go to and click on your favorite category.

Many thanks to Scott and Rob for making the transition from gotdotnet to possible and easy.  A special and fond word of thanks to the many talented and hardworking folks at blogs.gotdotnet for enabling me to suck the life from their servers for so long.  It was quite a ride.

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  1. Eyal says:

    I’m not subscribing until there’s a hebrew disclaimer! Shalom.

  2. aditya kumar pathak says:

    how i can put some html code in .aspx file at desired place from .aspx.vb using response.write

    pls guide me

    because if i write

    response.write(<INPUT type=button alue=Loading.. name=aditya " >")

    then it add this button at the top of .aspx file but i want to add it in html body ….how i can do it pls tell me

    my mail id is :

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