Martyn Lovell Has a Blog

Martyn Lovell, erstwhile source
control guru and charter member of the Visual <name your technology> Club has
started a technical blog here on GotDotNet. Subscribed.

In his own words, "I'm a development lead in the Visual
group. I currently own the VC++
team, which is responsible for the C
Runtime Library
 (CRT), Standard
C++ Library
(SCL), Microsoft
Foundation Classes
(MFC), Active
Template Library
(ATL). My team also own a bunch of new library code
to help work with managed code -- I'll take some time to talk about this here in the
future. As well as my work in libraries, I'm one of the people inside Visual C++ who
works on mixing managed and native code together.

Whether you write C++, managed or unmanaged, or not, I highly recommend you subscribe
to Martyn's blog

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