Update to Microsoft Developer Tools Roadmap for 2004-2005

As reported in The
Future of Visual SourceSafe

Under cover of darkness last night, a hardworking Microsoft marketing menehune
updated the SourceSafe-related section ("Configuration Management") of the Microsoft
Developer Tools Roadmap 2004-2005


Configuration Management (SCM) is a disciplined approach to managing and controlling
the evolution of software development and maintenance practices as they change over
time. With SCM, enterprise developers can make safe alterations to existing code,
track changes across developers, projects, and time, manage the build process effectively,
and track project defects and issues. By providing project-oriented software management,
Microsoft Visual SourceSafe delivers integrated SCM support for developers using Visual

Whidbey, Microsoft will improve upon the Visual SourceSafe tools and offer programmers
working in teams the technology they need to manage source code as well as other files
in their solutions. Visual SourceSafe will be extended to offer support for Web service
and Unicode projects, helping programmers more effectively meet the challenges of
today's business. Further, Visual SourceSafe will better support team development
with remote access, both by making common operations faster and asynchronous, and
by enabling access through firewalls. Hence, developers will enjoy improved performance
and tighter integration between Visual SourceSafe and the Visual Studio IDE. "

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