How To: Diff/Compare Two Labels in Visual SourceSafe

This batch script creates a text file containing the differences between two labels of a SourceSafe project and all of its sub-projects. It was originally posted to microsoft.public.visualsourcesafe by Weston Morris.  Thanks Weston! @ECHO OFF  REM This batch file will create a text file containing the differences  REM between 2 labels of a project and all sub-projects…


The Canoniczar Says that Canonicalize Ain’t an English Word, Foo

The other day, I realized that in English, we don’t have a word for: ‘a person who canonizes’. The French word for this is canonizare, I think.  As an English alternative, my friend Mike Pope suggested: Canoniczar 🙂 which is brilliantly witty.  In this case, a new word is necessary. ——————————————- BUT I DRAW A…


SharpWiki on the Web

Chris Anderson has opened up a Windows Longhorn WikiWiki to the world. Bravo, Chris!  (and DavidOrn) For those of you who have followed my disjointed wiki wanderings so far (Wikis and Accountability, WikiWiki for the .NET docs? and SourceSafe Wiki), you’ll be interested to learn that ChrisAn’s Wiki uses the same software, SharpWiki, as our internal SourceSafe Wiki. …


Reviews: Integrating Visual Studio, SourceSafe, and SQLServer

DBenson (aka hurcane) reviews two third-party products, SQL Source Control 2003 and mssqlXpress that deliver integrated SQLServer versioning for Visual Studio .NET 2002 and 2003. Related Posts: Part II – Versioning SQL Server Stored Procedures and Other db Objects in VSS Versioning SQL Server Stored Procedures and other db Objects in VSS (Part I) +++++++++++++++ Il presente posting viene fornito “così…


How To: Split a VSS Database into Two or More Databases

[In this post, I provide a previously undocumented method for dividing the contents of one database into two or more databases.] Theoretically,  the size of a SourceSafe database is limited only by the size of the partition on which it resides. If you’re really inventive, you can probably even figure out how to make a VSS db span partitions… In…


an Office Space state of mind

It’s 6:13PM on a blustery Friday evening in Redmond. The lights have been flickering all day. My building is practically deserted. A couple of developers in the next hall over debate when Halo 2 will ship. The walls are thin.  I have an opinion but refuse to take sides.  At 6:41PM I snap, pound the wall once with my…


PDC Preview: the Don Box Talx

Are you going to PDC?  If so, I hope you have tickets and I highly recommend the Indigo briefing sessions by Don Box (and friends) with one caveat but you’ll have to keep reading my silly run-on sentences to find out what that caveat is. I won’t be at the PDC myself this year :-(, but I…


Weblogs: An Asymmetrical Threat to Google Hegemony?

“The humble weblog has finally achieved dominance over Google, the world’s most-used search engine.”   -Andrew Orlowski in the Register This is old news in the blogosphere but it definitely deserves more press. Google, a company that I hold in the highest regard (unrivaled product | crafty revenue model | take their employees to Tahoe for a…


Whitepaper: Enhanced Source Control for Multi-Project Solutions

Alfredo Mendez, with the help of my incomparable editor (you know who you are:), published a whitepaper about source control integration in Visual Studio .NET 2003 yesterday on MSDN.  Tagline, “See how Visual Studio .NET 2003 offers simpler, easier source control for multi-project solutions through the use of a solution root.”  Read/Rate/Comment:  Enhanced Source Control for Multi-Project Solutions….


Keyword Expansion in Visual SourceSafe

Keyword expansion is a cool feature that automagically plants metadata from an external source in a file–typically between two pre-defined characters or strings–when some event occurs. In SourceSafe, there are twelve standard keywords to which various types of metadata are appended when a file in which they reside is checked in[1]. The online documentation provides a pretty good overview…