I read recently that the #1 hit when searching for the word "Google" using
Google was NOT
This is no longer true, but if you're an avid and informed blogger, you won't be
surprised to hear that the #1 hit once went to a blog: href=""> (before the
fine Googleers found out).

Googlewashing is the intentional or unintentional act of
skewing search results in your site's favor. The verb derives from
'brainwashing' and infers that the act is akin to brainwashing the
google search algorithms.

For a variety of reasons, apparently coincidental and unintentional, weblogs
are shaping up to be the perfect googlewashing agent.  Of course, the
search engines are doing everything in their power to counter this trend. 
In fact, they regard it as a real competitive threat to their keystone products:
the search algorithm.  Eric
mentions this issue in a recent post, href="">Google can be *so*

Luke comes to a similar
conclusion in a recent post, href="">Google favors blogs in
first name searches . Hey, it works for "Korby".  But then there aren't
too many of me out there.

Privately, I wonder if the googlewashing product of
weblog software when coupled with the habits of the weblogging
community is not on some level intententional.  -Korby

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presente posting viene fornito “così come
é”, senza garanzie, e non conferisce alcun diritto.

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  1. C.J. Collier says:

    Korby, do you know Mez? 🙂

  2. Anonymous says:

    partylemon » Google drowning St Andrew’s College

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