Automatic English generators are one of my favorite modern app-liances.
They slice. They dice. They cut. it. up.  I can't get enough of their
quirks and foibles. They validate my existence. One of my all-time
favorites is Scott
Pankin's Automatic Complaint Generator

mentions a new one (to me) today in href="http://blogs.gotdotnet.com/danielfe/PermaLink.aspx/32113232-5084-4a46-bb60-c167ecef82ba">Cut
the BS with Bullfighter. He writes, "On the other side of the net,
if you want to bloat your language, visit href="http://www.mba.vanderbilt.edu/Mike.Shor/Humor/MBAWriter/">Vanderbuilt's
MBA Writer . My auto-generated MBA sentence was: "In line with heuristic
policy flexibility, leveraging customer positions leads the way with the
ramifications of the final results." I'm making this my Mission

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