How to view the status of the SharePoint 2013 search service

As promised at the SharePoint Conference, here is a useful script that gives you the status of the search service in SharePoint Server 2013.

The script provides the following information:

  • Key topology status data from Get-SPEnterpriseSearchStatus
  • Information about primary role for index and admin components
  • Job status for jobs run by the Analytics Processing Component
  • Detailed indexer information
    • Re-partitioning status/progress
    • Master merge in progress
    • Index replica out of sync
  • Crawl status (crawling/idle/paused)
  • Number of indexed documents
  • HA status for topology, indicating which components/partitions that does not have active redundant components
  • Host controller repository status (for search dictionaries)
  • Overall indication of system health for the search topology


Comments (2)
  1. Hi,

    Thanks for above script…it helped me  lot to understand features…!!!

    Do we have an option to push content to index in sp 2013 as we have in SP 2010 (Docpush).if so can you please provide me any pointers in that direction?

  2. Knut Brandrud says:

    Sorry, we do not have a tool to push content into the index. You can use a test site for this purpose, and add the document you want to index there.

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