Proxying Cross-domain Web Requests in Silverlight

If you want to get straight to the code, you can find it here: I was going to think of a clever title for this post, but then I realized that I’d really rather prefer that people be able to find this post when they’re looking for a solution to this problem. All Silverlight application…


Automatic Change Notification for Your View Models

Note: If you’d rather just jump into the code the sample that goes with this post is here: One of the features in WPF Starter Kit ( that I am very proud of is the automatic change notification functionality. While implementing the INotifyPropertyChanged method in a base class makes our lives a little easier, it…


Using Strongly Typed Classes to Generate Infopath Forms (Xsd.exe)

I’ve been working on a SharePoint 2007 project recently where part of a workflow involved generating a large number of Infopath forms in a SharePoint Infopath form library. Now one way (and arguably the more popular way) would have been to create an empty form based on the library’s template, save it somewhere and use…


Preloading Content for Your Silverlight Applications and Web Parts

I’ve been studying up on Sharepoint 2010 recently and one of the great things about it is the extensive use of AJAX and Silverlight in the new version. Combine that with the huge improvements in the development environment on Sharepoint 2010 (F5 development, finally!) and you’ve got the potential for some very nice web 2.0ish…


Technorati Claim Verification

Sorry about this folks, but Technorati ( wants me to post this code: H5ZVWFJ3E4S8 to verify that this is indeed my blog 🙂