Building Great Looking Mobile Applications

Today at Tech Ed I’ll be trying out something interesting. Instead of speaking on a particular technology area, I’ll be talking about building great looking applications for Windows Mobile. I won’t bother doing a full blown post about this because most of what I will talk about is covered by Alex here:

In case you were an attendee (I am writing this just before the session) and want access to the Powerpoint deck and demos I’ve got it all packaged up and loaded on my SkyDrive (link below). I realize that some of you will want to re-present this session to an internal audience, so I’ve added demo scripts (word documents) to the demos with talking points and steps of the demo. Do get in touch with me and let me know what you thought of the session.

I’ve also got a mesh folder where I’ll be updating this material. If you want access to that, leave a comment, email me (arunjeet.singh at or tweet me (@arunjeetsingh).

Right, now I’ve got to go pour some coffee down my throat to put those butterflies in my stomach to rest. Cya at Tech Ed!

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  1. Aditya says:

    You were real good!!A great deal of influence was casted on me!!Good job!!

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