Paste As Text 1.0

Hurrah! My first project on codeplex. It’s here: Paste As Text is actually a very simple tool to solve a very simple problem. I’ve actually been using it for a good 3 months now and it worked out great for me. I thought I’d just package it up a bit and share the happiness….


TechReady 5

So I’ve finally managed to see America. TechReady 5 is a twice yearly technical readiness event that Microsoft runs for employees. What is great about this event is that it rings together people in the field (like me) who are trying to sell/implement Microsoft tech. face to face with the product guys who write this…


The Double-Hop Problem

The double-hop problem will usually only be an issue to those of you who write some sort of web-based code (a web application or web service) that uses impersonation. As a .NET programmer I must confess I did not realise that impersonation was built into Windows. Like many others I know, I thought of it…