LINQ-To-Everywhere – List of LINQ Providers

This weekend I’ve built a small application, which queries the “Simpsons” seasons guide data and updates the filenames/descriptions. To do this I needed to query a CSV file. While searching for a LINQ to CSV file implementation I’ve found an interesting list of LINQ Providers provider by MVP Charlie Calvert. LINQ to CSV LINQ to…


Custom Search Providers for Internet Explorer

I’m sure all of you know the search box in Internet Explorer! You can search ANY searchable site there via pluggable search providers. Per default some of them are installed, but you can add your own! Here’s how to do it: Go to the page you want to search through. Search for “TEST”. Copy the…


IE 8 Searchbar – Instant Answers

Now that I’m running Windows 7 I’m using the new IE 8 as well. Recently I found a cool new feature called “Instant Answers”. Just enter some queries into the search box and you’ll get the answer in the drop-down box below the search box. There are different possible queries: Calculations (2+2, …) Conversions (75…


Upgrade TFS 2008 Workgroup Edition to Standard Edition

I’ve had a little playground TFS 2008 installation for a while for use with some “pet-projects”. I used TFS 2008 Workgroup Edition for this, as this is already part of MSDN subscription package. This edition works the same as the full one, but is limited to 5 users. Now that I needed more user accounts…


WPF Day in Dublin

Last week I was in Dublin doing two sessions on WPF for Microsoft Ireland. They did a “Client-UI Day”, where they featured WPF and Silverlight. The first session was given by the Irish Developer Evangelist Ronan Geraghty, who did an introduction to the Microsoft Client Platform, showing the differences between AJAX, Silverlight, WPF and when…

Silverlight 2.0 Upgrade Experience

Silverlight 2.0 was released earlier this day. If you browse to and choose "Install", you will get this nice page (only if Silverlight Pre-RTW is installed on your machine). Thats cool! The installed runtime version is analyzed and upgrade tips are shown 🙂

A Must Have Tool – VS 2008 Snippet Designer

Mathew Manela from the Online Tools Group at Microsoft has written a really cool tool, which adds a feature missing for a long time in Visual Studio: Code Snippet Creation. The tool, which is available at allows a bunch of functionality for working with custom snippets. Add a new .SNIPPET file via File-New-File–Code Snippet…


On the road – The .NET Beginners Road Show

From September 16th to 25th I’ll be on the road with the .NET Beginners Road Show together with my colleague Mario. Our goal is to target newcomers to .NET and show them, how to implement a simple solution over the three tiers. Target audience are VB6 guys, as well as Java, C++ or Delphi people….


We’re going to Las Vegas

As MiX conference currently takes place here – I travelled “over” to Las Vegas. 15h of flight! That’s really hard. We departed at 10:50am in Vienna with Austrian Airlines towards Washington. Although economy class was as narrow as always we had nevertheless a lot of fun. They had small screens, where we could watch a…


MiX 2008 – I’m coming!!

Hurrah! This year I’m allowed to attend MiX conference in Las Vegas! And I’m really excited! I’m sure it will be a week of interesting sessions about Silverlight, Expression and other Web / UX Dev. topics! You can also expect some interesting announcements around these topics.. 🙂 So stay tuned to the news around MiX…