Custom Search Providers for Internet Explorer

I’m sure all of you know the search box in Internet Explorer! You can search ANY searchable site there via pluggable search providers. Per default some of them are installed, but you can add your own! Here’s how to do it: Go to the page you want to search through. Search for “TEST”. Copy the…


Vista Search for Developers

As for Vista the Windows Desktop search is now fully integrated into the OS, there are several ways to take advantage of it: a) Plugin your data sources into the searchindex Vista search is capable of searching all kinds of file formats and storage locations. This is done via some sort of adapter concept: You…


UAC with .NET in Visual Studio 2008

Last time I showed you how to integrate an application manifest in to your project for UAC purposes via post-build actions. As this doesn’t seem like the straightest way to do this (not just to me), Visual Studio 2008 will come with new support for application manifest files! Here are some screenshots:


VISTA User Account Control with .NET

Before moving over to Silverlight I’ll spend one last time to post some additional experiences I’ve had with Windows Vista Development. In this “mini-series” I’m gonna start with clearly the most well-known, most prominent and most feared features: User Account Control (UAC). NOTE: You can find demos to all topics covered here! As I’m sure…


Transparent Silverlight Sidebar Gadget

To prove the use of Silverlight in Vista Sidebar Gadgets, I recently created a really simple, but good looking 😉 Sidebar Gadget with a Silverlight App embedded! Here is what it looks like: Don’t bother about the pink animal watch 😉 The gadget basically consists of three circles which are moving around in a weird…


Vista API Demos with C#

Last week I was “On-Tour” at local Usergroups in Vorarlberg (Dornbirn) and Tyrol (Innsbruck). I did one of my last presentations of Windows Vista Development! (Meaning NOT .NET 3.0, but unmanaged APIs, like those already posted on my blog). Thanks for everyone, who joined me!For everyone else – the Topics included: User Account Control Windows…


UAC Elevation for MSI Packages

It has been serveral times now, that I tried to install an MSI package and occurred some strange error! The reason for this… yes Vista User Account Control! Unfortunately MSI Packages do not elevate automatically, and it’s also hard to elevate them by hand (there is no Run As Administrator menu or anything else..) So I…


BigDays Demos and Links

Yesterday was the final spurt of our Big>Days 2007 Roadshow!One day of sessions  in Vienna’s “Austria Convention Center”! At the same time as our conference, there were official exams for financial inspectors – which resulted in a funny incident: As I left the session-room, after having tested my laptop a girl entered and asked me:…


Clean Up the Vista Networks

In my last post I wrote about the Vista Network List Manager! If you ran the sample, I attached you might see a lot of “old” networks still stored on your machine! (like some WLANs at hotels, …) I was wondering how to clean up the list of networks and remove those “Network 1…2..3…11..”. I played…


Vista Network List Manager

Another new feature I came across is called “Network List Manager”! This new COM Type Library allows you to enumerate all available networks or network interfaces and read or even write extended properties of those. To use the new API, you need to add a COM reference to the “Network List Manager 1.0 Type Library”…