Slides and Demos from BigDays 2009 are online!

These days I’m travelling around austria with our biggest developer & IT Pro event Big>Days 2009! This year’s theme was "packen wir’s an" – translated "let’s get to work"! Accompanying the theme we built a multi-tier application with .NET 3.5 and Silverlight called "Rent-A-Worker"! You can download the sources at! If you’re interested in…


WPF Webcast - New Year's resolutions

I’ve a lot of New Year’s resolutions for 2009 🙂 One of them is to blog more often (we’ll see how this works..) another is to do a series of webcasts around WPF. We’re starting with our first WPF webcast on Friday, January 9th at 10am with an overview over WPF and XAML. Topics we’ll…


WPF Day in Dublin

Last week I was in Dublin doing two sessions on WPF for Microsoft Ireland. They did a “Client-UI Day”, where they featured WPF and Silverlight. The first session was given by the Irish Developer Evangelist Ronan Geraghty, who did an introduction to the Microsoft Client Platform, showing the differences between AJAX, Silverlight, WPF and when…


.NET Roadshow - Demo Solution

The demo solution from our .NET Beginners Roadshow is no ready for download for attendees and all others. The scenario is event management. The solution consists of 4 parts: *) Data Access layer using ADO.NET Entity Framework *) Business Logic Service hosted as a WCF service. *) Web Site, written in ASP.NET, which allows attendees…


On the road - The .NET Beginners Road Show

From September 16th to 25th I’ll be on the road with the .NET Beginners Road Show together with my colleague Mario. Our goal is to target newcomers to .NET and show them, how to implement a simple solution over the three tiers. Target audience are VB6 guys, as well as Java, C++ or Delphi people….


BigDays 2008 - Slides and Demos

Here are the slides and demos of my four sessions at the Austrian Launch Tour “Big>Days 2008”. Sorry for the delay.. I’ve been in a hurry during the last days.. So following the high demand, here they are 🙂 Visual Studio 2008 Slides WCF, WPF Demo Language Integrated Queries with C# 3.0 Slides Demos Silverlight…


MiX 08 Keynote News - Silverlight, IE 8, ...

Wednesday March 5th, Venetian Hotel, Las Vegas. Endless crowds are trying to get into the keynote room of MiX. The first speaker is Ray Ozzie. As chief software architect of Microsoft, he talks about the overall strategy of Microsoft, providing a platform for consumer media applications as well as business applications over a variety of…


MiX 2008 - I'm coming!!

Hurrah! This year I’m allowed to attend MiX conference in Las Vegas! And I’m really excited! I’m sure it will be a week of interesting sessions about Silverlight, Expression and other Web / UX Dev. topics! You can also expect some interesting announcements around these topics.. 🙂 So stay tuned to the news around MiX…


Advanced Workflow Foundation - MSDN Briefing

This week I had a session about advanced topics of Windows Workflow Foundation. Some features I covered were Workflow Execution Internals External Services & Communication Activity Execution Context Persistence Workflow States Fault Handling Transactions Tracking Advanced Authoring Dynamic Updates Feel free to download the slides and play around with the demos! Slides Demos


XTOPIA - WPF Workshop Video

The video of my WPF session at the XTOPIA Conference earlier this year is now available online! Session Video Session Slides & Demos So have fun watching the 2h 4′ of WPF fundamentals like data binding, styles, templates, XAML, etc…