Play your old MS-DOS games in JavaScript

I recently found this.. A library of your favorite old MS-DOS games (pending it is legal in your country). They’re all streamed to your PC via EM-DosBox – a DOSBOX compiled in JavaScript through EmScripten…    Wow! Amazing.. JavaScript emulating MS-DOS in your browser.. That opens a whole new world.. And shows that JavaScript…


VSCode Extension for Office Development

Office Add-In development is great fun with the new API Model! Especially Outlook extensibility seems very powerfull in day-to-day life… (maybe ’cause I spend 8 hours / day in Outlook).. Each Add-In just consists of a plain HTML Web App and a special manifest.xml with metadata around it. The benefit of that is, you can…


WordPress in Azure WebApps with Azure Sql Database

I’ve not done a lot of blogging recently.. With the last post on my OLD blog being from 2010. One of the reasons for this was me wanting to run my own blog in Azure… While WordPress did work well so far on Azure Web Sites / Web Apps, the big painpoint so far had…


TechEd Europe 2010–Workflow Foundation 4.0 Session

Thanks for everyone who showed up at my session today! Please make sure to rate it in the TechEd session voting tool. You can download the Slides & Demos here.


Big>Days Content is online

The Big>Days are over! Two interesting weeks of presentations in Innsbruck, Graz, Wien and Linz. We had a Web-Development Track, where we covered a complete website (“Helfen helfen”). You can download the complete samples from! Besides that, we also recorded all sessions in the developer track, you can download them here. You will find…


Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2 – Setup Screenshots

Today I’ve installed Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2 Ultimate on a VHD-booted machine. The new version of our development tool is based on Windows Presentation Foundation, which means that a lot of new flexibility (e.g. diagrams within the code editor) are possible. VS 2010 comes together with .NET 4 Beta 2. There’s also a new…


IIS7: WCF Services – .SVC do not work

Recently I came across a problem with Windows Communication Foundation Services and IIS 7. What I did is, deploy a .SVC file to my IIS 7. The service worked during development on the local ASP.NET Dev Webserver, but after deploying it to the server, there was an error: HTTP Error 500.19 – Internal Server Error…


CodeFest-Meals – Silverlight Webcast Series and Sample App

During the last weeks I’ve been working on a Silverlight sample application called “CodeFest-Meals”. The sample application was built for a webcast series we’re doing on One of the goals of the application was to have a nice-design. So Wolfgang Hofellner, who is also the artist of Schabus & Knor comics, designed a nice…


LINQ-To-Everywhere – List of LINQ Providers

This weekend I’ve built a small application, which queries the “Simpsons” seasons guide data and updates the filenames/descriptions. To do this I needed to query a CSV file. While searching for a LINQ to CSV file implementation I’ve found an interesting list of LINQ Providers provider by MVP Charlie Calvert. LINQ to CSV LINQ to…


Windows 7 – VHD Boot – Setup Guideline

Windows 7 has a really useful feature called “VHD Boot”. With that you can boot your entire Windows out of a Virtual Hard Disk file (as those used with Virtual PC or Virtual Server). This VHD file is mounted as a virtual disk, you can use it as a normal hard disk drive, but all…