XTOPIA – WPF Workshop Video

The video of my WPF session at the XTOPIA Conference earlier this year is now available online! Session Video Session Slides & Demos So have fun watching the 2h 4′ of WPF fundamentals like data binding, styles, templates, XAML, etc…


Free mail with Windows Live – Custom Domains

Recently I came across a really cool live server called “Custom Domains”. This service is currently evolving into “Windows Live Admin Center”. What does it do?! You get an e-mail server for your custom domain for free! You can then create up to 500 mail accounts on this service, each with 5GB storage. Neat, isn’t…


Behind the Scenes of LINQ – Part 1

Now it’s getting confusing 🙂 As a prequel to my LINQ-To-Sql Article, I’d like to digg into the details of LINQ in generel! Language Integrated Queries is a new feature of C# 3.0 in conjunction with .NET 3.5. This means LINQ is purely solved at a language compiler and .NET library level. .NET 3.5 doesn’t…


XNA – TechEd Event Resources

Thanks to everyone who attended our session earlier this morning! As promised you’ll find the source code of the game attached to this post! Get the slides here if you haven’t already done this! greetz,max. XnaKanoid.zip


XNA Session @ TechEd Europe

On Tuesday I’ll be doing a session about the XNA Framework at TechEd Europe together with my colleague Andreas Schabus. TLA314 Microsoft XNA Studio Express – Developing 2D-Games for Windows and Xbox 360 at 9am in Room 123. Huh.. That’s gonna be an early morning.. (for YOU, as you should really attend this session :-P)…


WPF: Tired of xmlns="clr-namespace …" ?!

I’m sure you all know the problem: When using custom objects or controls in XAML you need to add a xmlns:bla=”clr-namespace:MyDotNetSpace” declaration to each XAML file (which can be thought of as the C# using statement). Although this is now comfortabely supported by Visual Studio Intellisense, some other solution would be nicer to have.. As I always…


WPF Control Development – 3 Ways to build an ImageButton

During a WPF workshop last week I was asked to do an ImageButton control. *Huh* I thought, this is going to be an easy task (as probably most of you think right now). 1st Way: Use Buttons Content Property directly: And it was easy: Thanks to the concept of ContentControls I easily assigned the Button.Content…


Microsoft Popfly is Public

For some time now Popfly has been around as a private alpha. Now it has been opened to public as a beta version of it! So what is Popfly?! Popfly is a Web 2.0 application allowing consumers (and developers *gg*) to do a lot of cool things. One part is the Webpage editor, which you…


WPF Workshop

Here are the slides and demos to my workshop on Windows Presentation Foundation. You’ll find information and demos attached for the following topics: XAML Basics Dependency Objects & Routed Events Layout Panels Controls Styles, Templates & Resources Data Binding Command Pattern Custom Layout Controls (like Grid) Custom Markup Extensions WPF – Windows Forms Interoperability This…


LINQ-to-SQL Part 1: "Let me teach you English!"

When using LINQ to SQL you need to create a DBML diagram! The first step to start with, is clicking “Add New Item”. The item type is now called “LINQ to SQL Classes” in Beta 2 of VS 2008: Within the diagram designer you can drag tables from the server explorer onto the surface to…