LINQ-To-Everywhere – List of LINQ Providers

This weekend I’ve built a small application, which queries the “Simpsons” seasons guide data and updates the filenames/descriptions. To do this I needed to query a CSV file. While searching for a LINQ to CSV file implementation I’ve found an interesting list of LINQ Providers provider by MVP Charlie Calvert.

  • LINQ to CSV
  • LINQ to Amazon
  • LINQ to Active Directory
  • LINQ to Bindable Sources (SyncLINQ)
  • LINQ to C# project
  • LINQ to Continuous Data (CLinq)
  • LINQ to CRM
  • LINQ To Geo - Language Integrated Query for Geospatial Data
  • LINQ to Excel
  • LINQ to Expressions (MetaLinq)
  • LINQ Extender (Toolkit for building LINQ Providers)
  • LINQ to Flickr
  • LINQ to Google
  • LINQ to Indexes (LINQ and i40)
  • LINQ to IQueryable (Matt Warren on Providers)
  • LINQ to JSON
  • LINQ to LDAP
  • LINQ to NHibernate
  • LINQ to JavaScript
  • LINQ to LLBLGen Pro
  • LINQ to Lucene
  • LINQ to Metaweb(freebase)
  • LINQ to MySQL, Oracle and PostgreSql (DbLinq)
  • LINQ to NCover
  • LINQ to Opf3
  • LINQ to Parallel (PLINQ)
  • LINQ to RDF Files
  • LINQ to Sharepoint
  • LINQ to SimpleDB
  • LINQ to Streams
  • LINQ to Twitter
  • LINQ to WebQueries
  • LINQ to WMI
  • Linq To WIQL
  • LINQ to XtraGrid
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    1. Christian, re-linq is actually not a LINQ provider for re-motion, but a library for creating any kind of LINQ provider. Most prominently, LINQ to NHibernate is based on re-linq. That said, it’s used by re-motion too (more specifically, the LINQ provider for the O/R Mapper, re-store).

    2. gadgets news says:

      Linq queries are executed by the GPU.

      Seems to work with DX and OpenGL, and Mono…

    3. Christian Rauscher says:

      At you can find a linq provider for re-motion.

    4. uhmm..

      Just a side-note here – Charlie Calvert isn’t an MVP, but nevermind that 🙂 he’s so much more than that!

      thanks for the list anyways

    5. S. says:

      I just added your blog to mine 🙂

    6. I don’t know the current status of the project, but here’s an attempt of Linq to GPU :

      Linq queries are executed by the GPU.

      Seems to work with DX and OpenGL, and Mono…

    7. Joe says:

      Great list thanks – love to see an official Wiki for this.

      Also, strange that there’s no LINQ to ‘Live Services’.

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