Using the VS Templates for Composite-WPF-Guidance

This is about using the templates for a new project. First of all you need to download the templates and install them from the links below. Download the ZIP-File containing sources and built binaries here. See the post on how to install the binaries or build the sources here.   Let’s start setting up our…


Visual Studio Templates for Composite WPF Guidance

I’ve played around with Composite Application Guidance for WPF for a while now. Yesterday I did a session about CAG at the DEVcamp, a conference in Austria. As the time slot was only one hour I decided to fasten the demos by using code snippets (and the new designer tool) and special project and item…


Visual Studio Templates – Composite WPF Guidance – Installation

First of all download the template package from here. For an overview of the functionality see another post.   Extract the zip file and move to the Bin folder. In the bin folder three files are located: install.bat does all the work to setup the templates (run the .VSI and add the .DLL to the…


Team System + Gadgets + Outlook

If you’re using Team Foundation Server, these utilities might be useful for your everyday’s work: *) WorkItem Outlook Plugin Create a workitem directly out of the mail view. Download *) Team System Build Monitor Gadget Always be aware of the status of your TFS builds in the sidebar. Download *) Two useful WorkItem Gadgets Get…


Silverlight 2 Released

Silverlight 2 is finally released! If you plan using it you need to install three things: Silverlight Tools für Visual Studio 2008 SP1 Expression Blend 2.0 SP1 Deep Zoom Composer (optional) The nice thing is, Silverlight Tools not only work in VS 2008, but also in the free version Visual Web Developer Express. Therefore you…


Silverlight 2.0 Upgrade Experience

Silverlight 2.0 was released earlier this day. If you browse to and choose "Install", you will get this nice page (only if Silverlight Pre-RTW is installed on your machine). Thats cool! The installed runtime version is analyzed and upgrade tips are shown 🙂


A Must Have Tool – VS 2008 Snippet Designer

Mathew Manela from the Online Tools Group at Microsoft has written a really cool tool, which adds a feature missing for a long time in Visual Studio: Code Snippet Creation. The tool, which is available at allows a bunch of functionality for working with custom snippets. Add a new .SNIPPET file via File-New-File–Code Snippet…