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On Tuesday I'll be doing a session about the XNA Framework at TechEd Europe together with my colleague Andreas Schabus.

TLA314 Microsoft XNA Studio Express - Developing 2D-Games for Windows and Xbox 360

at 9am in Room 123.

Huh.. That's gonna be an early morning.. (for YOU, as you should really attend this session :-P)

So what are we going to do:

Develop a simple arcade game in less than 75 minutes (because there're some theory slides in it, too).

image image

If you're already have experience with XNA watch out, this is a beginner's session in terms of XNA!

Nevertheless we will dive into the depths of coding, so you need good C#/OOP knowledge!

We'll use 2D drawing and collision detection in an object-oriented game model.

What could be interesting for experienced developers is the architectural concept for using multiple screens with the help of a GameScreenManager we're going to show in the last part of the session!

So see you in Barcelona! - Holá!

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  1. I liked the session – even not owning a xbox – and i will try the demo you showed at the end. greetings from munich

  2. An die 4000 Entwickler treffen sich in der kommenden Woche bei der diesjährigen TechEd Europe und auch

  3. msdn Austria says:

    XNA Session @ TechEd Europe – DPE Austria goes TechEd…

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