WPF/E is now called Microsoft Silverlight – sequel to my BigDays session

Those of you, who visited my session on Windows Presentation Foundation, hopefully remember speaking about WPF/E - a lightweight XAML based technology for developing interactive webapplications.

As I mentioned in my speech, Windows Presentation Foundation / Everywhere was not the perfect codename, because WPF/E is technically totally different from the desktop WPF!

This was a hidden hint, to what was announced now: Codename "WPF/E" will be called Microsoft Silverlight from now on!

Microsoft Silverlight

You find more information on these blogs:

  • Loke Uei Tan
  • Tim Sneath
  • Soma
  • Sean Alexander
  • Brad Abrams
  • One additional hint: Expect more announcements about the featureset of Silverlight around the MIX conference (at the end of April).

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