SQL Server User Provisioning Tool for Vista

After installing SQL Server 2005 or Express on Windows Vista you may have noticed, that your user accounts (even though being in the local computer's administrators group) are not allowed to connect to the SQL Server. Which is bad if you're not running in Mixed Mode...

With the newly released Service Pack 2 for SQL Server and SQL Express there is a new tool available called "User Provisioning Tool for Vista"
(%ProgramFiles%\Microsoft SQL Server\90\Shared\sqlprov.exe).

This tool is automatically launched on upgrade (but can be started manually as well, if any errors occur at the first time). The small app tells us that, even if users are in the local administrator group, the don't have admin access to SQL Server for security reasons under Vista. You can use this tool to explicitly grant admin permissions to the current user (if it is in the local admin group).

God bless this tool 🙂 Now I am able to login again...

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  1. Dim says:

    If you have a 64-bit os, you’ll have to look under ‘Program Files x86’ instead… (same path for the rest)

  2. JM says:


    there is a laptop pc with Windows Vista Home Premium . We installed SQL Server2005 Developer Ed and, then, SQL Server 2005 SP2, but the sqlprov.exe file didn’t appear.

    That was just not installed with the service pack. Actually, after that, we tried installing the SQL Server 2005 SP3 but it still doesn’t appear.

    What you think is the cause of this issue?

    Thank you

  3. Scott says:

    Note that if you’re running 64-bit OS, the SQLPro.exe tool is located in the Program Files (x86) folder.

  4. jrea8830 says:

    Thanks for the info, it is nice to know the location of this file to add into scripts and other automated installation methods!

    There is a shortcut provided for this tool; it’s just not directly within the programs folders of SQL Server 2005. You can find the shortcut on your Surface Area Configuration (SAC) tool. On the opening screen you will see a link that says "Add New Administrator". This link will start the SQLProv.exe file. Just FYI for those that think MS was completely lazy…they were just really lazy in the programming of the tool itself (if that’s really any more comforting at all).

    It would’ve been nice if they included something during the SQLProv startup procedures that verifies there is an instance already running, or if they tell you during the SP installation at the end to start the instance prior to adding the administrator, or even better if they actually handled the error in SQLProv and have it NOT immediately exit upon failure of adding a new administrator!!!



  5. zullu says:


    Thanks for this great post !

    I was trying to add my user account using this provisioning tool on Vista.

    But I can’t see any account to select from the "Available Privileges" left box.

    Any help or sugesstions.

    Thanks in advance.


  6. Ron says:

    Thanks a lot for the path to sqlprov. This tool was a real help. Had the same issue as Jocko above.  sqlprov does not indicate that sql service is down (after instaling sp2) and gives some other curt error message. Restarting the service and running sqlprov fixed the issue.

  7. Tassos says:

    Just a note:

    I had to follow the same procedure (with the SQL Server User Provisioning Tool for Vista) even though my system is Win XP Pro SP3.

    This solved my problem on accessing a database on SQL Server 2005 (which I restored form an SQL Server 2000 backup). I currently have SQL Server 2005 Developer edition.

    This post really helped me. Thanks a lot.

  8. KoffKoffus says:

    Thanks from Texas – saved me a *ton* of stress…

  9. Jocko says:

    <quote>Thanks a lot. This post helped me find SqlProv after it had exited with an error at the first launch.</quote>

    I’ll 2nd that!  Installing SP2 tells you to kill the SQLSERVER service first, before it can continue.  Then after install, SqlProv.exe fails because it can’t talk to the SQL service.  Imagine that!  We should’ve KNOWN to restart the service before hitting OK and that SqlProv would be unable to recover from that error and just die, and that you’d then have difficulty running it again because they didn’t bother to provide a shortcut to it (as willpe said).  Typical MS!

  10. willpe says:

    Thanks – its a shame the tool isn’t put on the start menu under configuration, its a little tricky to find!

  11. ajay_ndelhi says:

    Thanks! The path to SqlProv was a useful information in above post.

  12. Jimbo says:

    Thanks a lot. This post helped me find SqlProv after it had exited with an error at the first launch.

  13. Cristobal says:

    Hello!, I did all the steps to use this tool. But I have a problem…. First, When I execute the tool, no available privilege appears. Both Boxes of Text are empty … What can I do? Help me please. My mail is tobal_c@yahoo.es By the way, I have Laptop with Windows Vista Home Premium

  14. hardik joshi says:

    I m having one problem when i run the above tool that list of priviliges appears on the left list is blank.

    I do not have proviliges in left side that i can assign on right side.

    can you help me on this?

  15. BrandonTurner says:

    I was only half way done reading the post and already thinking "God bless this tool"

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