My first contact with the Windows Vista Package

Although I've installed the Vista Beta on my first day at Microsoft and upgraded it continuously up to RTM, it took me until today (the official start of Vista sale) to get a real package into my hands! (the bad news.. it doesn't belong to me..)

Here it is...

Today I was sitting in our local cafeteria, when the local Vista BG-lead passed by heading to ITnT exhibition with some "real-world" Vista packages.

I just had the time to play around a little bit with the package and make some fotos. I think it looks really cool, but it's not that easy to open it, if you don't know how.. maybe some kind of theft protection 🙂

Then the packages was gone again.. leaving me with the unspectacular green MSDN subscription version of Vista I have.. 🙁

Comments (2)

  1. hfrmobile says:

    I am using Microsoft Windows since Windows 3.1 and I have learned to be patient 😉

    It will take I while until I am start using Vista in my job or even private.

    Since some simple apps not working/supported under Windows Server 2003 (e.g. SW for Canon IXUS 60, Microsoft Photo 1.0 etc.) I am afraid that they may not run with Vista… And of course there is a question about (signed?) drivers…

    And hardware has also to be upgraded in my case so that Vista will run fairly…

  2. Lan says:

    Can’t wait to grab my copy too. But should I upgrade or buy a new PC and have a new system altogether? The comments I see online are confusing.

    Some say better to have a new one althogether as the upgrade is not seamless. Further, heard it can be a nightmare to find drivers that are Vista-compatible. Read from Lifehacker though about a site offering a repository of Vista drivers – – think I’ll go check that out 🙂

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