MSDN Briefing Slides (2)

Unfortunately there is a size limit on each posting for uploads..  So here are the slides of the second session (Disconnected Applications with SQL Server 2005 Mobile Edition). Please come back for recordings 🙂


MSDN Briefing about Windows Mobile + SQL Server Mobile

Yesterday I was hosting an MSDN Briefing in Vienna.MSDN Briefings are monthly events targetting software developers. The topics, which are adressed cover currently released technologies. This time the title was “Under the hoods of Windows Mobile 5 + Offline Applications with SQL Server Mobile Edition”. I did one session about new features of Windows Mobile…


Anders Hejlsberg about C# 3.0 / LINQ at TechEd:Europe in Barcelona

Having been to TechEd:Europe in Barcelona last week, I’ve seen a lot of cool sessions about Office 2007, Sharepoint, ASP.Net Ajax, XNA and WPF. But one of the most interesting one was a session from Anders Hejlsberg about the future of C#. As “father” of the C# language he gave an overview of the new Language…