Fairfield/Westchester.Net User Group

Last week I had the opportunity to speak to a user group about SQL Server and in particular Integration Services. It was a nice opportunity to clear out the cob webs and talk about one of my favorite topics. https://www.clicktoattend.com/invitation.aspx?code=122496 Initially, it wasn’t going so well. I’ve found that the audiences vary for these events…


Surprise! MDM Technology Preview available tomorrow

In a recent post I stated that we planned to have a technology preview available in February, ’08.  Most folks aren’t used to hearing these words in the same sentence, but here goes: We’re shipping early.  Tomorrow I’ll be sending out email to customers and partners alerting them to the availability of the technology preview…


Microsoft Master Data Management website is now live

Just thought I’d share the newly minted MDM website here: http://www.microsoft.com/mdm There are some whitepapers, case studies, links and other resources there. Over time we’ll add to the content. We’ll continue the whitepaper series, add more information about the product and programs as it becomes available. We’ve also published the product roadmap available here in…


Roger Wolter’s insider view

I was about to write a post to clarify some of the disinformation that’s been going around about the Stratature acquisition and our roadmap. It’s an interesting place to be right now, where Roger and I are. There are analysts out there writing things we’ve told them and also writing things that have no basis…


Compliments from Donald

Donald Farmer from SQL Server talks a bit about MDM at Microsoft. Especially appreciated, is the last note. Thanks Donald, that means a lot to me. Universe.Earth.Software.Microsoft.Office.MDM.KirkHaselden


Chatting with Colin White

Colin was gracious enough to let me take some of his time at the recent TDWI in Boston to chat a bit about our master data management strategy. It was great to hear that Colin had similar ideas, and it wasn’t entirely a surprise given the great whitepaper/case study that he wrote with Claudia Imhoff…


Microsoft completes Stratature acquisition

It’s been quite a while since I’ve been in the blogging scene. Since writing the SSIS book, I’ve been very busy on a new project building a strategy for MDM at Microsoft. After 14 months of studying, thinking, discussing, presenting, reviewing, approving, socializing, powerpointing…….  It gives me great pleasure to announce that Microsoft has successfully acquired…


Speaking schedule this year

I’ve got a pretty busy speaking schedule this year. Hopefully, I will be able to see some of you as I’m roming around the globe. Here’s some of the places I’ll be speaking:   I’ll be at TechDays in Portugal in March along with a few other countries including Greece, Spain, Norway, Poland, and Israel. …


My new blog

Welcome to my shiny new blog. Well, not so new actually. I created this blog well over a year ago and never created an entry until this morning. There are various reasons for that, but I’m glad to be under way in this new space with expanded scope and freedom to discuss just about every…