Fairfield/Westchester.Net User Group

Last week I had the opportunity to speak to a user group about SQL Server and in particular Integration Services. It was a nice opportunity to clear out the cob webs and talk about one of my favorite topics. https://www.clicktoattend.com/invitation.aspx?code=122496

Initially, it wasn't going so well. I've found that the audiences vary for these events drastically. The closer one gets to Redmond, the more up to date the audience is on newer technologies. So, it's good to do a gut check sometimes and find out if what I'm saying is actually making sense to the audience. In this case, I was talking about what's new in SQL Server Integration Services 2008 and Master Data Management. Well, as I started talking about what's new, the audience began to get the glazed look on their faces.

So, I asked some more questions and it became apparent quite clearly why that was. When I asked how many were currently using SSIS, only a few hands went up. But, when I asked how many were using DTS, I believe every person in the room raised their hand. I'd had an off by one version error.

Super, so I switched gears and gave a talk that I've been giving for ~4 years. What's new in SSIS 2005.

Suddenly, lights went on in people's eyes. The guy over on the far left woke up. People started asking questions, real questions.

Overall, it was a fun experience. It's always cool to rub elbows with folks that are using the product and give constructive feedback and encouragement.

Leonardo Junquera runs that group and does a great job. Thanks for the opportunity to speak Leo!


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