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Welcome to my shiny new blog. Well, not so new actually. I created this blog well over a year ago and never created an entry until this morning. There are various reasons for that, but I'm glad to be under way in this new space with expanded scope and freedom to discuss just about every enterprise technology under the sun from SQL Server to ERP, CRM, EIM, CPM, MDM and more. This will be a much more inclusive blog than my last one. I'll still have some content around SQL Server, but will also cover new and different ground as well.

Thanks for visiting. I look forward to interacting with you and learning together...


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  1. Nice to see you back into the blogging.  I’ll be paying close attention, but I can see I will have to learn a bunch of new TLA’s to keep up.

  2. About time you started blogging again! 🙂

  3. vkievsky says:

    Hello Kirk,

    I have read your excellent book on Integration SErvices. I have one comment about ForEach SMO task, and hope that this  is the right place to discuss it.

     As you indicated the Database objects can be selected for enumeration. The Log Files are listed below each database, and  my thought was that log files Name could be enumerated also, but it is not the case: the way it works is that only the name of log file under 1st database is used, and then ForEach task is exiting. It looks like Log Files were not intended to be selected as a group for enumeration: the click on each file just changes the database from which that  Log File will be selected, again only db/Log File.

     I have the case where I need to truncate each log file on servers, and of course file selection has to be dynamic.

     But I cannot use ForEach SMO as it is. Am I right, and is there any plan to expand this task in the next version of SSIS?


    Vladimir Kievsky

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