Caching Expiration Policy Application Block

OK so while writing my book, I somewhat wished i had an easy way of defining the expiration “policies” via configuration while creating my samples for the Caching Application Block for Enterprise Library. This drove me to creating the the Caching Expiration Policy Application Block.  Its an application block that will support the Caching Application…


Making It Happen

If anyone gets anything out of what I have been preaching about Enterprise Library, is that it is Extensible. If it does not have a feature that comes out of the box; look at the source code, look on, find other online and offline sources <plug type=”Shameless”>such as my book</plug>.  I sometimes see a developer…


Book Source Code

Sorry for the delay it should be up on the Apress website later today.



Monday Nov. 26th my book will finally be out.  I(ts been a long and difficult process but I hope that you all enjoy it.  I got a billion people to thank but two people I have to thank are Jason Hoekstra and Timothy Murphy.  Without these guys I would have never pulled this off. Now…


Final date for the book

Well ladies and gentleman, There is a final date for release of my book titled “The Definitive Guide To Microsoft Enterprise Library”, which is November 26th, 2007.  It is in the final stages of production (printing).  This book has been one of the greatest challenges of my life, but I am glad to have done…