Taking the Red Eye

Well I am sitting at SeaTac (Seattle Tacoma Airport), waiting to board my plane back to Chicago.  The last 10 days have been interesting as I have ha da firehose of training workshops, and overall I have to say they have been pretty useful.  So anyways back to the waiting.  This will be my first attempt at a Red Eye flight, so I purchased a pair of SkullCandy Noise Canceling Headphones. I figure 16db of noise cancellation is good.  I bought a magazine that will put me to sleep, and if that does not work.  I bought the goold ole' trusty Tylenol PM.  Tomorrow, as soon as I get home I got to complete the my Pondless waterfall in my front yard.  (Yes I will have a waterfall in my front yard). I also plan on finishing another chapter of my EL book by weeks end.

Comments (4)

  1. twmurph says:

    I have taken that very same red eye flight.  3+ hours getting in at 6 am Chicago time is no fun, especially if you have to go to work that day.

    I really have to laugh at the pond bit.  I never thought I would hear that out of your mouth.

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