Moving on…

I should have written this post earlier, but I have left Microsoft to move back to Chicago and be closer to family and friends.  Its been a fun and amazing 7+ years and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.  I will be moving my blog to WordPress and you can find it at….


Reimagine SharePoint Development

What is Reimagine SharePoint Development?  It is about re-thinking your existing SharePoint solutions into apps for SharePoint.  Apps for SharePoint offer a lot of advantages over SharePoint solutions.  I remember when I was in MCS working on SharePoint solutions and the amount of work involved in testing new SharePoint solutions not only with the…


Defining content in Host Web from an App for SharePoint

Here is a scenario. The app model for SharePoint 2013 allows developers to define remote event receivers for their apps.  Sometimes though you actually want to create a remote event receiver for the host web as opposed to the app web. Visual Studio 2012 makes it relatively easy to define remote event receivers for the app…


Office and SharePoint Server 2013 Development

It has been a very busy year and I am super excited about the Office and SharePoint Server 2013 developer experience with apps.  Ludovic Hauduc has made a great post about apps on the new officeapps blog.  You can check it out here:  


Taking on the Developer Audience

It’s official, I will be taking on the developer audience for SharePoint as well as SharePoint Composites.  Expect to see a lot more blog posts around SharePoint development in SharePoint 2010.  i am super excited as I have always been a developer at heart.


Building Effective Workflows Using SharePoint Server 2010

This is a great article on building workflows on SharePoint 2010.  It gives you an overview of the capabilities of the Out of the box, SharePoint Designer and custom Visual Studio workflows and helps you decide the best approaqch and best practice for creating them.  


Building No-Code Applications on SharePoint 2010… Where to Start

I sometimes get questions about how do you go about building a no-code solution. The fact is that building no-code solutions really do not differ from normal custom code solutions. The major difference is that obviously the developer of the solution doesn’t have to be a software developer, they can be any user. They just…


Internet Explorer 9…

Internet Explorer 9 just went RTW an hour and half ago.Download it here


TechEd Europe

I am in Berlin this week speaking at TechEd Europe.  My sessions are on ITPro, Composite Applications and FAST Search.