Knowledge Network first release candidate (RC0) is now available for download!!!

It's me again, the Marketing guy from the Knowledge Network for Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 team.  We have released our first candidate (RC0) for our final build of KN.  To access the new build login to the Microsoft Connect site ( and follow the Downloads link on the left hand side to access the software package and documentation. This release features the following enhancements:

  • Back-off functionality to improve the user experience when they are performing activities on their machines.

  • Various performance enhancements on both the client and server.

  • Improved keyword quality and generation.

  • An inner circle web parts that highlights people closest to you and who are most likely to assist with your query. 

We hope you are as excited and enthusiastic about KN as we are.  Enjoy!

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  1. The KN team blog just announced that the Knowledge Network first release candidate (RC0) is now available

  2. Benoit HAMET says:


    As a joint author of a work on SharePoint, it’ a good news and info.

    However, and unfortunatly, your link doesn’t work.

    Is it a beta under invitation? If so, could you please send me an invitation?


  3. Fabien says:

    Hi, I obtain a "page not found" error when clicking on the link.


  4. Ben Geers says:

    I tried your link above and I got a page not found.  Is this something that is by invitation only at this point?

  5. Jason says:

    This beta is not available under the "Connect" site … is it still awaiting posting or is it not being made available?

  6. Arjun Thomas says:

    I’m getting the same error message.. is this by invitation only?

  7. Page not found… And I need this one urgently for a large customer with locations worldwide!! Please help me out

  8. NKD says:

    Hey I’m REALLY excited to try this. I can’t access the file however (I get a page not found or you do not have valid access error). I would like to evaluate this right now! please let me know what I can do…

  9. Craig Humphrey says:

    I’ve managed to download the KN RC0, but I can’t install it!

    I’m running Windows Server 2003 R2 SP1 32bit in VMWare on an AMD Opteron (dual core, dual CPU, with one virtual CPU for this server, 2.4GHz and 2Gig RAM) and the installer complains that "This installation package is not supported by this processor type. Contact your product vendor."

    Any ideas?

    The hardware requirements state 2.5GHz and 4Gig RAM for a single server deployment, surely it’s not enforced?  This is just a test/dev environment, so I’m not expecting stellar performance…

    BTW I’ve also posted two feedbacks to the KNBeta connect site, but have had no response.

    Is there any forum out there for communicating with other Beta users?

  10. NickH says:

    I also get the page not found message.

  11. Zen says:

    I’m also not able to access it.

    Please advice.

  12. geoffm says:

    I’m also getting a page not found.  Can anyone please clarify where I can get the KN RC?  


  13. Glen Anderson says:

    Sorry for the confusion! If you had previously accessed the KN beta on the connect site, the link in the blog entry should work. If you did not have prior access to the KN beta, then please send an email to requesting access and we will get you set up.


    Glen Anderson

    Group Program Manager

    Knowledge Network

  14. I’ve just tried to install the RC0 build in two farms that have B2TR KN installed on them already and am receiving the error below on both servers after running the executable for the server install.  Unlike the B2TR build, extraction of the RC0 build doesn’t provide for 32 and 64 bit versions.  The final image below describes the CPU that is running on both servers.  I presume the install is launching the 64-bit version of RC0 but the setup documentation  states that 32-bit servers are acceptable as well.  

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Error: This installation package is not supported by this processor type.  Contact your product vendor.

  15. Is anybody minding the KN Blog shop here?  

    You seem to have released what is not labeled correctly — a 64-bit version ONLY of the RC0.  I’ve now tried this on three separate installations, all of them 32-bit Server R2 Enterprise with MOSS 2007 Enterprise and the download simply won’t run (see previous posting of mine made on Mar 2.).  Email to ‘’ also goes unanswered.

    If you have no real intention of replying to comments in a timely manner, or at all — which seems to be far too often, why enable this commenting capacity and more importantly why put out a pre-release product for those most interested and willing to test when their time is going to be wasted inevitably because nobody is bothering to regularly contribute to this blog or email people from Microsoft’s KN group?

    Sorry if this sounds a bit harsh, but this is very unprofessional, and leaves a rather bad taste, at least from this very enthusiastic first adopter’s perspective.

    Larry C. Collins

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  17. Bhupi says:

    I am also getting the page not found error, So  can anyone please tell me how can I get the KN RCO as I need it urgenntly


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