KN Channel 9 Interview is Live

Don Cambell of Channel 9 interviewed me (John Hand) and Glen Anderson about KN. We talk about “big brother” but more importantly I demo KN.

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  1. MSDN Archive says:

    We just ran into this blog entry about our Channel 9 Interview:

  2. Kevin Tunis says:

    John, great interview, love the profile feature. I would love to run my profile on this through our SharePoint Server 2007. From the looks of this, I feel any manager would benefit greatly from Knowledge Network.

  3. Arno Nel 2.0 says:

    SharePoint Videos and Articles Betting the Business on Beta Technology – Case Study Shane Perran’s SharePoint

  4. MSDN Archive says:

    We’ve seen comments about the video quality in portions of the Channel9 demo.  This is not due to poor resolution this is because we had to intentionally blur some PII (personal identifyable information) of the live KN data for confidentiality reasons.  We are working on publishing a "demo-data" view of KN with simulated data so that you can see KN in more detail, and we’ll provide a link as soon as that is posted.  

  5. Akachukwu says:

    I want to know how to develop one.and the magazines of such.

  6. autosponge says:

    I was trying to describe KN to a developer in another department, "just watch the video I said."  But the video is no longer on Channel9.  Can it be reposted somewhere?

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