KN Channel 9 Interview is Live

Don Cambell of Channel 9 interviewed me (John Hand) and Glen Anderson about KN. We talk about “big brother” but more importantly I demo KN.


How KN Integrates with SharePoint

The last couple of weeks my blog entries have focused on the details of the KN client analysis process. Hopefully I’ve satisfied some of your curiosity. This week, I am going to shift my focus to the server side of the solution. What happens when your KN profile gets “published” to the server? How does…


Inside the KN Client Analysis Process

This is Glen Anderson again; Group Program Manager for the KN team. In last week’s blog entry I compared and contrasted KN client analysis with desktop search indexing. This week I’m going to continue to talk about the details behind KN client analysis and answer some additional common questions. Hopefully this will help you better…


KN and Desktop Search

Recently, we received a comment on the KN team blog asking about how the KN client analysis process relates to Windows Desktop Search and indicating concern about the performance implications of running both Desktop Search and KN analysis.  Since these are questions we get frequently, rather than respond in the comments section, I’ve decided to…