Enduring adventures to Antarctica and Microsoft

I was inspired to blog this entry based on a comment posted by Danny Thorpe on my recent blog post I made about Shackleton’s adventure story in Antarctica, where he commented: If you have a yen for travel, it’s possible to retrace Shackleton’s steps yourself.  Lindblad Expeditions runs an extended photography tour about once a…


Rick Steves’ travel site, center, and podcast show

I’m a big fan of Rick Steve’s guidebooks and travel gear. I’ve been fortunate enough to visit Europe 14 times over the past 10 years speaking at various developer conferences and events. If you plan to travel to Europe, check out the various books, maps, videos, train tickets, and travel gear that Rick Steves’ company…


June 2005 event tour trip report – Part 2

Taking a quick break during my vacation on the Greek Island of Mykonos, here is part 2 of 2 for my central/eastern European speaking tour in June 2005… Prague, Czech RepublicThere is an update to the figures we announced during the Praha DevCon 2005 keynote after Igor Vit did some mining into registration data. Turns…


Blogging from 35,000 feet to start my eastern European tour

Right now I’m on my computer flying on SAS Airlines from Seattle to Copenhagen (on my way to Prague), it is 10:30pm PT. SAS Airlines now offers wireless high speed internet on some planes ($30US for unlimited internet for the entire flight), pretty amazing. So when you read this blog post, it was sent from the air….


Currency conversions on the go

I find myself checking the XE.com web site about every other day just for fun to take a quick peak to see how the U.S. dollar is against the Euro. When I was in Europe last November, it was around 1.31 $ per Euro. The $ was down to 1.34 per Euro maybe a month ago….