From Metallica to Mozart

The conference in Prague appears to be a great success again this year thanks to Igor Vit and the rest of the team at DAQUAS. Tore Bleken (the driver), my brother J.D., and I left Prague at 2:30pm on Wednesday afternoon after I finished all my sessions at Prague DevCon and headed south to Austria….

UT conference reports

Updated daily this week, (UT) has reporters posting details on the various conferences in progress including and DevTeach 2004 in Montreal and Praha 2004 in Prague (where I am now, Hans is sitting near me working on the Day 1 report). For a great archive of previous conference reports, see

Autobahn express through Germany, scenic drive into Prague

The drive from Hamburg to Berlin was fast, just over 2 hours on the Autobahn where there is no speed limit.  At one point we were driving 210 kilometers per hour which is 140 mph and two cars passed us going at least 250 kph.  The weather was perfect again.  Tore and I drove around all…

SE breakfast, DK lunch, DE dinner

So, yesterday I had breakfast in Sweden, lunch in downtown Copenhagen, and dinner in Hamburg Germany.  It rained on the drive to Copenhagen, but like the day before going to Stockholm, the rain cleared just as we arrived into down and it was an absolutely perfect day to walk around and have lunch in Copenhagen. …

Europa trip day 3, quick summary

Every few days as I get a chance, I’ll post on update on where I am and how my trip in Europe is going.  I will be posting details about each place I visit, but for now, I will mention that I arrived on June 17th in Oslo Norway on schedule, drove around downtown Oslo,…

Upcoming What’s New in VFP 9.0 book

After releasing the public beta of VFP 9.0 with details in the June letter, it was announced that a new book is in the works called New in Nine: Visual FoxPro’s Latest Hits.

Europa tour in Europa

I will be in Europe during the second half of June speaking at various events and taking a few days vacation.  This is my 10th trip to Europe over the past 10 years or so and it will certainly be my most adventurous visit.  Instead of spending significant time in places that I have previously…