Ultimate Ears visits Microsoft in Redmond on June 15th

Ultimate Ears visits Microsoft June 15th, building 34/35 cafeteria

Mike Dias from L.A. based Ultimate Ears is up here in Redmond visiting the main Microsoft campus on Friday June 15th from 11:00am to 6:00pm in the building 34/35 cafeteria. This is Mike's second visit to Microsoft, and all Microsoft employees are invited to stop by to meet Mike, learn more about Ultimate Ears headphones, and receive a demo of the amazing new Ultimate Ears triple.fi 10 Pro headphones.

New triple.fi 10 Pro headphones

The Ultimate Ears triple.fi 10 pro headphones for consumers are brand new and will be released later in late June. I've been listening to a pair for over a month now and they sound just as good (even a bit more natural deep bass) as the custom UE-10 models. The triple.fi 10s have 3 stereo drivers and a cross-over in each earpiece and are essentially a consumer (non-custom) version of their top of the line UE-10 headphones.

Reviews from users and publications

From a blog post about Mike's last visit to Microsoft in late 2005, Robert Scoble blogged about Ultimate Ears saying his Ultimate Ears the best he's ever heard. I talked to Robert at MIX07 a few months ago and he was still raving about his Ultimate Ears headphones, as does everyone I talk to who is part of the Ultimate Ears community. You can search online and find many other great reviews online including editor and review awards in many technical and audio publications.

Discounts for Microsoft employees

Ultimate Ears offers special discounts to Microsoft employees. Mike will have a limited supply of both black and white super.fi 5 Pro units (30 total) on hand for immediate sale.

Custom UE-10 headphones (free giveaway during visit

Any Microsoft employee who stops by and tries these amazing headphones out can enter for a free raffle to win a $900 valued pair of custom UE-10 monitors (raffle winner will be notified by email later that same evening).

Ultimate Ears used by over 80% all professional musicians world-wide

Ultimate Ears product line significantly dominates the professional music industry world-wide. To see a partial list (over 1000 listed) of professional artist and some celebrities who have Ultimate Ears headphones, check out:

Previous postings about Ultimate Ears custom and consumer headphones

For some detailed background information about Ultimate Ears custom and consumer headphones, refer to my previous detailed blog posts:

Quick tour of the Ultimate Ears lab in Irvin, California

In the summer of 2006, I visited Ultimate Ears in Orange County, Calif and recorded some Channel 9 style interviews including the one of Mike Dias below in the Ultimate Ears custom headphone lab.

Video: Ultimate Ears - Lab Tour 1

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  1. jameslau-MS says:

    It’s unfortunate that I missed out on this event last Friday. But Ken managed to get me a pair of super.fi 5 pro. I am listening to them right now and they are totally awesome. I bet the triple.fi’s would be even better!

    I would highly recommend them to any music lovers!

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