Sara Ford commands ScooterCam-1 at TechEd07

At TechEd 2007, Sara Ford drives what she calls ScooterCam-1 to get around the conference due to her injured leg from a recent hiking incident (see her blog post Not broken after all). The name ScooterCam is derived from the fact that she hooked up a camcorder to the scooter using duct tape to record first person videos while driving the scooter around the conference. C# developer Rob Robertson of Intel, who Sara and I got to know at the MVP/Influencer party the night before, jumps on the back of ScooterCam for a free ride. The ScooterCam turned out to be a mobile social community gathering during the breaks between sessions.

Video: Sara Ford commands ScooterCam-1 at TechEd07

Comments (4)

  1. It’s not just ScooterCam, it’s ScooterCam-1. The "1" takes it to another level.

  2. saraford says:

    Ah Raymond, i’m glad someone picked up on the ‘1’.  =)  The entire time i just called it "scooter cam" until Ken started filming.  The STS-117 Space Shuttle Mission (Atlantis’ Friday launch) was in my head, and an image of a "star trek shuttle pod" popped into my head, making me say "scooter cam 1".  yes, i went there.

  3. That’s why our Sensei and many other high-ranking black belts said to me last night.  I torn my

  4. Tuesday starts TechEd 2008, where I’ll find myself presenting three(!) talks.  The third talk came

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