Windows Live Dev site coming soon at

The Windows Live Platform is about opening Windows Live services to create shared opportunity for developers and businesses. Open Windows Live services via APIs and SDKs to 3rd parties to create a virtuous ecosystem that mutually benefits users, developers, partners, advertisers and Microsoft. Many of the developer centric services that we release will occur in stages, with new APIs available as well as improved and more consistent APIs with existing services over time. Some of our goals include Users are in control, easy for developers to make money, Simple HTTP based APIs, any able to build applications and components for about any operating system platform, browser, language, and device.
Duncan Mackenzie recently created his first video behind the camera for a Channel 9 video was the recent one posted called Windows Live Hack Day 2006. If you jump forward in the video to around the 9 minutes marker, Duncan interviews me for a few minutes about the Windows Live Platform efforts for developers where I disclose a new web site coming called for developers - the developer-centric Windows Live Platform home page called Windows Live Dev.
We plan to have a preview (coming soon) page for next week and launch the new web site sometime in June. Windows Live Dev will still use the content that is linked to at and content like downloads, whitepapers, etc. will still be on The Windows Live Dev site will be a cool new web site that will be a mashup application itself aggregating data/info/content/news from, Microsoft team blogs, community blogs/sites, discussion forums, Windows Live services, etc. 
Mary Jo Foley recently did a phone interview with me and published an article on called Windows Live Puts More Muscle Behind Its Developer Push which details some additional plan and goals for the Windows Live Platform for developers.

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