Searching on "Windows Live" using Windows Live Search

There is a bunch of cool and useful new functionality on, the Windows Live home page for Search, gadgets, and more. For some quick examples:
Search Web for "Windows Live"
General web search results on "Windows Live".
Search News for "Windows Live"
Search results filtered on news and article sources.
Search Feeds for "Windows Live"
Filtered search on RSS at Atom XML content on the web, generally blogs as well as web sites that publish RSS and Atom feeds.
Search Images for "Windows Live"
Returns gallery of images tagged with "Windows Live". The results are an interesting way to discover web sites (Microsoft and non-Microsoft) that relate to Windows Live.
Search Academic for AJAX
Since there is no academic content on Windows Live (yet), here is the Academic search results on the term AJAX. I selected the search of AJAX since the site enables great new user experience features using AJAX for things like quick result scrolling with the mouse wheel and scroll bars, hovering over hyperlinks to dynamically popup link source content, personalization, etc.
Search Rick Steves' Travel Center on Windows Live Local
To show an example of Windows Live Local search, this is the result of searching "Rick Steves" in "Edmonds, WA" just north of Seattle. I used this example since I recently blogged about Rick Steves' store. Windows Live Local is a web application powered by Virtual Earth.

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