Microsoft’s Experimentation Platform for Windows Live

Yesterday, Ronny Kohavi (a general manager in Windows Live division) created a new web site at

The Experimentation Platform will enable product groups at Microsoft and developers using Windows Live to innovate using controlled experiments with live users. Such a platform will enable testing new ideas quickly using the best-known scientific method for establishing causality between a feature and its effects: randomized experimental design. <continued>

The primary part of the site is the Experimentation Platform - Job Descriptions page. The actual catalyst behind Ronny creating this new web site was that the Microsoft Careers site currently only allows up to 4,000 characters per job description, and more text was needed for many of the position openings in this new Windows Live team.

There is also a page on the site with a growing list referencing Cool Things about Microsoft and Windows Live.

Direct inquiries about job openings is found on the Contact Us page.

The new Experimentation Platform web site is powered by Office Live.

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