MIX 06 keynote video and other conversations

You can view the entire MIX 06 keynote session video stream at Bill Gates Webcasts. In part of the keynote session, Tim O'Reilly interviewed Bill Gates on stage. This is a great energetic and informative interview, a good follow-up video interview from the recent one at Channel 9: Seventeen Minutes With Bill. One of the interesting quotes from the MIX 06 keynote interview was "We can no longer be device-centric, we must now be user-centric."
Another MIX 06 resource is
Virtual MIX, a place where those not attending or attendees that can't be everywhere at once, can catch all the action at MIX06. For a formal reference of key MIX 06 announcements from day 1, refer to the Microsoft PressPass article is Microsoft Showcases “The Next Web Now” at MIX06 Conference
Late breaking blog entry about the Windows Live Platform session demos...
David Boschmans just blogged saying "Now for those people I just saw a great new feature: the Mix06 Information Bot.", and goes in detail about the Mix06 bot for Messenger.

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