Updated bio for new role on Windows Live team

I added my bio to the About section of my blog to reflect my new role as a product planner on the Windows Live team. I know that there are many blogs on blogs.msdn.com more read than mine, but I found it interesting that searching on "product planner" on Windows Live Search (and MSN Search) had my blog listed as the 4th result and on Google as 6th. I'm going to start posting more about gadgets, and I added a new category to my blog on Movies. My favorite web site and blog is Engadget.com. In his recent interview on Channel 9 called Seventeen minutes with Bill Gates, Bill responded that his favorite web site was Engadget. I'm sure there are others out there who consider Engadget their favorite web site, and I'm not sure if that means we are cool or just gadget geeks.

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