Channel 9 Behind the Scenes video

There is a new video interview on Channel 9 called Channel 9 Behind the Scenes, where I take my digital camera behind the scenes of the making of a Channel 9 video and interview Robert Scoble, joined by fellow channel 9 team member Charles Torre. I had the idea of a 'making of a Channel 9 video' over a year ago, which I suggested to the Channel 9 team. Now that I'm creating Channel 9 videos, I ended up doing this one which was fun.
For those interested, I record Channel 9 video interviews using my
Sony DCS-M1 digital camera which has native MPEG4 support. Using a 512MB memory card, I can get 72 minutes of 320x240 30fps (frames per second) video or 22 minutes of 640x480 30fps video. I carry around one extra battery since one battery gives about 45 minutes of power in video record mode with the LCD on (a bit more with the LCD light off). Once recorded, I insert the memory card from the camera into a memory stick USB 2.0 reader and copy the file directly, then convert the MPEG4 video to AVI using the included Sony software and then use Movie Maker to put the video together and save as a WMV. This camera is also a regular 5MP digital camera, but it is a great design for a small and portable digital video camera. I also use a Quantaray QSX EZ Pro monopod for steadiness (to avoid camera shake but still allowing full mobility). What is also cool is that the MPEG4 video in 320x240 30fps video file (MPEG4 format) created by the Sony DSC-M1 can be copied directly to play on a Sony PSP or the new iPods that support video without any conversions.

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