VFP based Crew Chief Pro user wins award, demo shown to Bill Gates

Jeannine Johnson of Puyallup, Washington is a Start Something Amazing Awards Winner - Sports & Games. On this web page you can see information and a short video about the award. Jeannine uses an application called Crew Chief Pro to help her compete in the sport of Drag Racing. Last week I exchanged email with Don Higgins, author of the VFP application called Crew Chief Pro and here is his summary:

A customer of mine won an award from Microsoft using my software today. Bill Gates met with her and received a crash course in my program. Microsoft sent a film crew out to her house and did the video. My customer's father is a network engineer and he knew when he received the program it was developed in Visual FoxPro since he has seen the file types before. My customer said they spent 30 minutes with Bill Gates showing the program to him. I developed my program in Visual FoxPro and I was told that Visual FoxPro was mentioned to Bill Gates during the meeting.

Don Higgins
Crew Chief Pro Drag Racing Software and Professional Weather Stations

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