Visual FoxPro added to MSDN Product Feedback Center

Visual FoxPro is now available in the Product/Technology drop down selection list on the MSDN Product Feedback Center. The VFP team will be monitoring bug reports and feature suggestions for Visual FoxPro 9.0, all VFP service pack efforts, and the Sedna project. By submitting suggestions and reporting bugs on Visual FoxPro, you're providing feedback directly to the VFP team. You can collaborate with the VFP team, VFP MVPs, and VFP beta testers to identify problems and workarounds and then track your feedback online. You also get notifications of changes and fixes based on your submissions. MSDN feedback will automatically log your bugs and suggestions into the internal Microsoft tracking database. The MSDN feedback center was added on when the VFP 9.0 beta was already underway and the VFP team did not have the resources or infrastructure setup to add VFP to it back then. Adding VFP to the MSDN feedback center is something that VS Data program manager Milind Lele has been working on adding for the VFP team and community, and he will be blogging about it as needed. I'll be highlighting this information in the November letter on the VFP web site next week.

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