PDC 2005 video and slide content online

The session content for PDC 2005 is now online (slides and videos of each session). The 250 hours of video is free online for six full months. For more information including how to obtain the content on DVD, refer to Michael Swanson's Blog post on PDC05 Sessions Online blog post. I spoke at PDC last month, session details and links:

TLNL08: Tips & Tricks: Using Advanced Tools Features with XML and XSLT
Speaker: Ken Levy
This session is an “all demos and no slides” showing of various techniques, tools, and tips in working with the new XML tools in Visual Studio 2005, such as the XML editor and XSLT debugger. The new XML editor in Visual Studio 2005 validates XML documents with smart IntelliSense and error messaging in the source with tool tips, color coding syntax, and more. XML document validation is supported for any XML document in the XML editor based on the W3C rules of XML as well as any referenced XSD schema or DTD. The new XML tools in Visual Studio includes full debugging of XSLT documents with graphical preview and source output integrated within the Visual Studio 2005 IDE. Demos also include showing how to step in and out of source code between any .NET language and compiled XSLT while debugging.
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