Blogging from 35,000 feet to start my eastern European tour

Right now I'm on my computer flying on SAS Airlines from Seattle to Copenhagen (on my way to Prague), it is 10:30pm PT. SAS Airlines now offers wireless high speed internet on some planes ($30US for unlimited internet for the entire flight), pretty amazing. So when you read this blog post, it was sent from the air. I can surf the internet and do email right from my seat in coach, as long as my Toshiba M200 Tablet PC notebook computer battery lasts (about 2.5 hours total). I must say it is very cool to be able to post a blog entry live while flying just south of the Article circle far north of Montreal Canada. 
In June 2004, I did a Europa tour speaking at various Visual FoxPro events and traveling through many parts of western Europe by car and train. My
June 2004 blog posts have many of the details. I plan to post similar blog posts on this trip I'm starting now through the rest of June speaking at 4 Visual FoxPro events in eastern Europe. This will be my 5th trip to Prague in 5 years, and my first visit to countries east of Czech Republic. Below is an overview of my travel schedule:
June 18: Leave Seattle for Europe via Copenhagen Denmark, London UK, on to Prague Czech Republic, arriving the evening of June 19th (9 hours ahead of Seattle).
June 21: I speak in Prague at the Praha DevCon 2005, the keynote with VFP team members Randy Brown and Richard Stanton plus 2 general sessions.
June 22: Take 4 hour train ride from Prague to Vienna Austria. My visit to Vienna and all other locations on my trip from here on out will be first time visits for me.
June 23: Take a 5 hour boat ride from Vienna to Budapest.
June 24: Speak at a special VFP event hosted by Microsoft Hungary.
June 26: Take a 13 hour train ride from Budapest to Bucharest Romania.
June 27: Speak at a special VFP event hosted by Microsoft Romania.
June 28: Take a 10 hour train ride form Bucharest to Sofia Bulgaria.
June 29: Speak on VFP and XML tools at a Dev Days event hosted by Microsoft Bulgaria.
June 30: Fly from Sofia to Athens Greece. From this point on, it will be vacation time for me.
July   1: Leave Athens for the island of Mykonos of the Greek Islands plus some island hopping.
July   5: Fly from Athens back home to Seattle.
July   6: Back to work to start getting busy on Sedna planning and development.
This blog post was typed out and posted while sitting in seat 40C of an Airbus 340 on SAS airlines.

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