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It wasn't that long ago when querying a top search engine on my name (Ken Levy) resulted in many top links to people other than me, I was pretty far down the result page. I notice now that both MSN Search and Google both have the #1 search result linking to my blog, with other top results mostly linking to content related to me. I found the same to be true for many people I know or work with who have been active on their great blogs within the past year. Just a few examples include Calvin Hsia (MSN Search, Google), Rick Strahl (MSN Search, Google), Cathi Gero (MSN Search, Google), and Rod Paddock (MSN Search, Google). A year ago, search results on these names would not have resulted in near as many links to content related to them personally. Having a search result from someone's name link directly to their personal blog is significant.

Ultimate Ears are listed at #3 on Network World: Top 10 Gift Guide insights:

3. Putting goo in your ear is worth it. In order to try the Ultimate Ears personal monitors, we had to travel to an ear specialist who had to take an impression of my ears in order to create the device. While the process was odd, getting something that enhances the digital audio player trumps it.

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