Good things come to those who blog

There are many stories about people who have great blogs and as a result have had a door opened for them to get a better job, obtain new business opportunities, make new friends, and more. Often these opportunities would have have occurred if it wasn't for their blog. Blogging is not for everyone, but blogs are a great free medium for people who have something to say, a desire to educate, and a passionate to communicate.
I recently blogged about how
Ultimate Ears deliver on how music is meant to be heard. I am obviously a big fan of the Ultimate Ears headphones and I feel strongly that they are well worth the cost over any other headphones (used for portable or home, office, etc.). I had been reading Robert Scoble blog about how he had thought had the best headphones available (an off the shelf pair). Late last year when Scoble interviewed me for the Channel 9 video on First look at Visual FoxPro 9, I had my Ultimate Ears on my desk at work and pointed out to him that I thought these were the best earphones I'd ever used, by far. That was six months and since then that video interview online has 100,000 views and is now the 6th most watched Channel 9 video out of 445 videos total.
Robert Scoble received his own pair of UE-10 Ultimate Ears last night and he blogged with
Unbelievable headphones arrived today. He now shares the same enthusiasm I've had since I first used mine. Scoble's blog post was also picked up today on
So is this blog entry about blogs or about great headphones? Well, there three morals to the story here. 1) My friend Robert Scoble can now enjoy music, podcasts, movies on the go, etc. like he has never experienced before using his new Ultimate Ears. 2) As of today, tens of thousands of people have learned that there is an option available for obtaining the highest quality earphones ever designed. 3) It is only around noon pacific time today, and already within the past 12 hours since Scoble's blog entry linked me, the visits to my blog are over 5 times more as normal with a very large number of people reading my blog for the first time.

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